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Commercial work
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  Monster of Nix  
Monster of Nix

In this short animation by Studio Rosto A.D I animated one of the charcters: the Jitterbug (pictured on the left).

Watch the trailers here.

Please make sure to check out monsterofnix.com and the Monster of Nix facebook page.

Also, the DVD is out now!

All rights reserved by Studio Rosto A.D


An animation I did for dutch TV quizshow "2 voor 12". It is about the history of the inch.


Another animation I did for dutch TV gameshow "2 voor 12". This one is about the heraldry of the Austrian national flag. That poor eagle has been through a lot!


This animation was made for dutch television quizshow "2 voor 12". It shows the quiz contestants a figure from the bible who was considered the "father of judaïsm" and had strange powers like flying and being unable to move or speak. (How useful is that!?)

What was his name? C'mon! Guess!

Parasites of the human body

This scientific animations shows three common parasites and their similarities: the tick, the tapeworm and the embryo.

Made for RVU Wisebits.

Naatje van de Dam

Another '2 voor 12' animation for dutch television network VARA. This one is about a statue that used to be on the Dam square in Amsterdam. The quizshow contestants had to guess what slang-name the citizens of Amsterdam had given to this statue, which is now synomous with something botched or failed. ('Naatje' is a girl's name, but also slang for the female genitalia, sort of like Fanny.)

Maria Magdalena

This animation was made for dutch television quizshow '2 voor 12'. It illustrates the first meeting of Jesus with a certain prostitute. The quizshow contestants had to guess who this woman was. (HINT: check out the title of this animation and you might know the answer!)

Natural versus artificial

Another RVU Wisebits animation, this one shows the good and bad aspects of artificial and natural products. Both seem to have their merits.

But... drugs are bad, mmmkay?

Storyboarded together with Coen Rens

Logic is not truth

My first animation for RVU Wisebits, "Logic is not truth" is about how while we make assumptions based on logic ("That UFO will destroy my planet because it blows up all the other planets.") it is not necessarily true.

Storyboarded together with Coen Rens