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Student work
Student work
  Work I made at the Utrecht School of Arts.
Vision of the Dark Tower

"Vision of the Dark Tower" was my graduation project at the Utrecht School for the Arts (HKU). It is based on the epic series of novels by Stephen King.

Music by Mirte Hartland (aka Windowbird) and Edwin de Herder
Sound Design by Arjen Schut

Incredible Inventions

"Incredible Inventions" is a weird and whacky student project about artificially grown meat. It is also an ode to those 80s commercial presentations. It was made as an introduction to an open discussion about the production of meat.

The video was written and directed by me.

Starring Raemon Lens, Jan van der Tempel, Daniƫlle Arets and myself
Camera by Alex Rojas
Stop motion sequence by Melanie Frings


"Alcoholism" shows how alcohol can influence your life. This animationwas made for an open discussion night about alcoholism, in a bar no less!

3D-specialist: Lars van Schagen
Music & Sound Effects: Raemon Lens en Jan van der Tempel


"Pesach" was another student project, made for TELEAC SchoolTV. It shows how the Jewish tradition of pesach (passover) came to be. This animation is one in a series about the major religions in the Netherlands. Half of the animation was made by Leo de Wijs.

I remember this as one of the most fun projects I ever did at the HKU.

Made together with Ton van Rijswijk, Leo de Wijs, Coen Rens, Gatze Zonneveld, Arjan van der Linden

Thargus & Thurgood

Ah... I remember all those days spent behind the family PC, clicking away at everything you could see, combining items from your inventory, talking to important looking pirates, stroking the parrot... What?! You've never played a Lucasarts adventure game? Shame on you!

Seriously, this is one of my favorite animations I made, together with my partner in crime Coen Rens.

Music & Sound by Salvador Breed, Mereijn van der Heijden, Eelco Los en Thomas Wessels


Spermwhale is based on "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" radio show by the late, great Douglas Adams.

The style is based on the Monthy Python animations by Terry Gilliam.

Made at the HKU as a student project.

  My first animation for "2 voor 12", a dutch television gameshow for which I have done several animations now.

This animation tells the story of an ancient greek king who cheats death and is punished for all eternity.

Made together with Roderick Leermakers
  "Banana" was my first real animation at the HKU. It's a variation on the oldest slapstick joke on earth.

Music by the Dust Brothers